Your business should not adjust to the solution but your solution should adjust to your business.

At Incentius we understand business and technology and with the right mix, we endeavour to engineer the best possible solutions for your complex problems. Whether you want to transform your existing solution or build an application from scratch, Incentius enables your business to excel with the best-fit technology, appropriate use of data and futuristic process solutions that gives you a competitive edge.

Code refurbishment

Are you stuck with a software that doesn’t work, even after spending valuable resources on it? We at Incentius, have helped our clients to enhance their existing technology solutions. You can renovate your existing dysfunctional solutions to accommodate your business in flux with the help our tech savvy team to ensure that your software is up and running within a committed timeline.

Bespoke Web applications

At Incentius, we develop scalable, usable and architecturally advanced web applications. With more than 20 years of collective experience of our team in software design and development and our expertise across various domains, we are confident that our deliverables will be in line with your business requirement. Have a look at our latest web based application, by clicking the link below.

Desktop based applications

Need a system which can operate on slow/intermittent network environments or an application on which you can work offline? Our best in class desktop application development practices, ensures an application which is easy to install, use and update. Here are key features of Incentius designed desktop applications

  • Persistent network connection or sync based updates
  • All web interface elements available in desktop application
  • Capable of complex data manipulation and calculation
  • Local and network file access
  • Visual Reporting

Mobile applications

Mobility in technology is one of the most sought after features in the new age of technology. At Incentius, we can help you achieve success by catering to your mobile application development needs. Our services have catered to our clients complex business requirements for mobility applications.

D3js Visualizations

At Incentius, we specialize in creating interactive visualizations using the D3js framework. These visualizations comes in innovative structures and can adapt to a wide variety of standard visualizations. Potential applications include:

  • Hierarchy/Team/Relationship visualizations
  • Chloropleth/Heatmaps for geographic area metric visualizations
  • Sankey Diagrams for proportion change visualizations amongst product mix
  • Interactive modernistic interfaces
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