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Incentius delivers business consulting services across the broad spectrum of sales and marketing. Our expertise in data, processes as well as business makes us a new age consulting firm with a strong backbone of technology. We deliver value and performance through business transformation and information insight.




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Incentive Compensation Design

“Show me a company’s various compensation plans, and I’ll show you how its employees behave” – Jack Welch

To design a successful sales incentive plan, the right balance must be achieved between competitive pay levels, business strategy and affordability.

Every organisation is different and hence requires a customized incentive plan to motivate its salesforce. We at Incentius understand this very well and are equipped to help you to design the most effective IC plan.

With our robust experience in the area of incentive compensation design and sales force effectiveness we have helped our clients design incentive plans which align with company goals and culture, attract and retain best salespeople and result in fair payouts.

We also help our clients analyse their existing IC plans by performing fairness testing on them and suggest changes to tweak their plans to achieve maximum success.

Quota Setting

A significant portion of a salesperson’s compensation is linked to the quota assigned to him and thus its accuracy becomes critical. Setting the right quota for your salesforce is combination of science of numbers and art of behaviour understanding.

Thus achieving the right amount of “stretch” in each salesperson’s quota attainment capabilities is a very challenging process. Incentius helps you through this intricate task of quota setting with our team of experts in sales performance management.

We provide expertise in setting achievable yet challenging sales quotas that are thoroughly tested for fairness against any biases and pay-for-performance.

We generate insights based on historical performance to understand market conditions in different geographies and use these insights to set most appropriate targets for the salesforce. This prevents demotivation of the salesforce and promotes a culture of rewarding targeted performance.

Segmentation and targeting

If you are one of those companies that operate under the fact that every customer is different and needs to be marketed to differently, then Incentius is the right place to bring your ideologies into practice. Customer Segmentation is a powerful method to understand the behaviour of various segments of customers and identify unmet needs of the discrete groups who share similar characteristics.

We help our clients to identify new opportunities and to deepen relationships with their loyal, high value customers by providing fresh segmentation insights.

Our sophisticated and complex response models will help you understand your customer reaction to various promotional activities based on the segments they are grouped into. This in turn will help you create the right marketing message for each customer segment.

KAM Training

Key Account Management (KAM) relates to acquiring and managing your clients effectively and maintaining your relationship with them. Acquiring, sustaining and growing major accounts are extremely critical for significant sales growth for any company. Navigating the labyrinth of the account’s structural landscape, identifying and managing key buying influencers and maintaining the competitive environment at bay are constant challenges. Key Account Management calls for strategic planning to handle your key clients and going further than the traditional practices involved in selling.

At Incentius, we understand this very well and provide a budding or a new account manager practical approaches to analysing, planning and implementing better relationships with strategic accounts. Our robust training modules ensure that you’re account management team gains critical skills and knowledge to achieve the most out of you key accounts. Thus the journey from a sales person to a key account manager is effectively facilitated by Incentius.

MSL re-alignment / Resource optimisation

Medical Science Liasons (MSL) are vital in the success of a company, as they ensure the products are prescribed effectively. MSLs play a key role in drug pre-launch and post-launch, to establish and maintain peer to peer relationships with key opinion leaders by explaining the science behind the product.

Incentius’ experience in Pharma consulting, provides extensive support in MSL realignment to attain maximum geography coverage. The resource optimization techniques practiced and implemented by our capabilities has helped our clients to achieve the most efficient sales resource optimization.

At Incentius, we view sales resource optimization as a business capability which includes business processes, IT tools, data and analytical methodologies and people skills and their roles.