At Incentius we believe in supporting decisions with quantitative data rather than instincts. Our decision sciences practice helps our clients to take data driven decisions and design business strategies that are successful to bring desired change.




Financial Services

Transportation & Logistics

Lead Effectiveness

If you don’t know what is working how would you know what to change?

Measuring lead effectiveness is one of the crucial instruments in understanding sales efforts and their conversion. At Incentius, we help you to measure Interest, marketing-qualified leads, sales-qualified leads and leads at various other sales stages to understand what works and what doesn't when it comes to selling.

We breakdown lead counts, effectiveness, time to conversion and conversion ratios by lead source, medium and campaign audience. This helps organizations tweak their marketing messaging and optimize their spend on various marketing channels.

Sales ROI Analysis:

Promotions and contests are important tools in running a business especiallt when it comes to designing short term sales strategies. It is therefore extremely important to measure how effective these promotions and contests are and quantitatively define how much return we achieve, for each dollar spent on any sales promotional activity.

Incentius with its deep understanding of business and strong analytical capabilities at its disposal helps you to analyse return on investment on incentive dollars.

We perform ROI analysis on various sales channels
  • Including costs like direct costs, managerial costs, indirect costs, marketing costs, support costs, etc.
  • Time value of money discounting of recurring revenue to estimate net present value of customer lifecycle revenue.
  • The comparison of ROI across various channels and sales modes helps you identify the best technique of sales effectiveness.

Sales compensation analytics

  • Define comprehensive metrics to effectively manage sales performance
  • Analysing pay-out plan to assess its ability to pay for performance
  • Accessing fairness of the pay-out plan by identifying if there are any territory characteristics that impact territory performance
  • Drive sales behaviour by using metrics driven approach to analyse individual, group or team member performance and evaluate non- transactional KPIs.

Pricing Analytics

Incentius has strong expertise in the area of pricing analytics across various consumer industries. Our team comprises of people with strong business acumen and statistical capabilities to carry out complex pricing methodologies and answering key pricing questions like :

  • Price Elasticity /sensitivity
  • Cross price elasticity
  • Dynamic Pricing and Discount Pricing
  • Determining the right pricing point
  • Price Promotion and marketing activity
  • Price Value mapping

Customer Churn/Attrition

It’s always more difficult to acquire a new customer than to retain an existing customer, therefore customer churn is not desirable for any business. Besides direct loss of revenue due to customer leaving the business, the cost of initial acquisition of the customer may not have been covered by the customer’s total spend. To identify the possibility of a customer churning out gives a huge additional potential revenue source while there is still time to take preventive measures.

We, at Incentius help our clients to measure the amount of customer and revenue churn happening over a time frame, understand the trend and predict future churn by employing sophisticated predictive analytics. Our strong expertise in statistical and marketing capabilities helps clients to build accurate models to predict the probability of a customer churning out.

New Hire Effectiveness

  • Estimate performance ramp period for a new hire.
  • Correlate training performance to ramp performance.
  • Product/service/responsibility level ramping profile.
  • Internal vs external hire comparisons.
  • Customer Lifecycle destination analysis.

Training Effectiveness

  • Gauge training outcomes by studying employee effectiveness improvement metrics pre and post trainings.
  • Analyze training effectiveness at different lifecycle stages of an employee.
  • Opt-in training attendance rates and manager influence.

Attrition/Employee Churn

  • Analyze employee churn across several parameters.
  • Gauge quality of churn by splitting churning employees in tenure buckets.
  • Geographic variations, role variations and event based analysis of churn events.
  • Survival analysis to estimate actual employee ‘lifetime’. Comparing incumbent churn rate vs total churn rate.
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Recruitment Analytics

  • Recruitment stage funnel visualization.
  • Conversion rates between recruitment stages.
  • Candidate source performance and conversion ratios.
  • Recruitment stage effectiveness and score correlation.
  • Recruitment process evaluation to new hire ramping performance.

Patient Flow Modelling

At Incentius, we specialise in creating patient flow models for various treatment areas. A patient flow model captures any treatment process of a patient going through different stages of the treatment. We identify and include all relevant drivers and decision inputs to determine which path of care will be followed. These model can be finally translated into revenue flow, enabling management to see the effect of input assumptions and treatment choices on the financials.

A good patient flow model helps pharma businesses to forecast the future sales potential by taking multitude of information into account. Our advanced patient flow models will help you gain insights into market dynamics and discover sales improvement opportunities.

Financial Projection

If your business deals with a lot of complex financial projections and calculations, you surely need an easy to understand and easy to use model that can seamlessly plug in Inputs and generate the desired financial projections. Our team of highly skilled professionals with expertise in financial modelling and concepts helps you build comprehensive financial projection models.

When used effectively, a financial model can help avoid major planning errors, identify opportunities, provide strategic guidance and evaluate development options. Whether excel based or web based interactive model, Incentius has capabilities to create financial models as per your business needs.

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Machine Learning

At Incentius, we love data and are motivated to explore every possible insight that can be generated from data. Thus we exhibit high proficiency in using complex machine learning algorithms which helps our client to carry out advances analytics on their data. The common machine learning algorithms that we specialize in:

  • Regression – Linear, Logistic
  • Decision Tree
  • Random Forest
  • Naive Bayes
  • K- Means
  • SVM
  • KNN
  • Dimensionality Reduction Algorithms