Transform Raw Data into Valuable Information with Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft Power BI is highly powerful data visualization software that allows organizations to get a real-time update of their businesses anytime and from anywhere. This business analytics solution allows businesses to visualize their data and share insights across their organization. Businesses can also embed their analytics solution in their app or website. It is a cloud-based reporting and analytics platform connecting users to a wide range of data through interactive dashboards, reports, and compelling visualizations. This simple, user-friendly, and reliable solution help organizations to frequently monitor their business. Power BI consulting services enable organizations to monitor their businesses and this success-driven solution brings transparency and elasticity to the business processes. Businesses who wish to stay ahead of trends can make use of our BI consulting services.

Power BI Does Make Sense for your Business

This extremely reliable business intelligence platform over the years has transformed raw data into meaningful information. This Power business intelligence tool allows you to connect with a wide range of data sources with ease and use it to perform business analytics. Find below some of the reasons why organizations choose Power BI to cater to their self-service and enterprise business intelligence needs.

Interactive Power BI Dashboards – We, at Incentius, will help you create an interactive dashboard that will give your team a comprehensive overview of the business processes to allow them to make quick decisions and share and implement data-based adjustments in a collaborative environment. Our consultant team will help you optimize the value of Power BI facilitating you to have a greater insight into the business. As a reliable and trusted BI partner, we help businesses implement BI strategies, discover valuable trends, and identify unnoticed correlations in appealing visuals supporting data-driven decisions.

Power BI Analysis Reports - Manual or spreadsheet-based analysis of data is a complex task that has been considerably easy with Power BI. Power BI comes with intuitive filters and data manipulation features that enable users to drag and drop data to discover trends, organize unstructured data for analysis. Data-intensive companies like logistics and healthcare empower their teams with a BI dashboard for enabling real-time insights and smart actions.   

Easy-access to Data with Power BI Mobile - BI consultants of Incentius help businesses to get the most from their custom Power BI solution with a mobile dashboard making it easy to review and access. This will allow organizations to monitor their business anytime and from anywhere with Native mobile BI apps. Organizations can quickly create a BI environment with the assistance of our Power BI consultants to have a distinct and 360-degree view of their business through interactive data visuals and personalized reports on their mobile devices. 

Powerful Features of Microsoft Power BI

Businesses all across the world use this popular BI tool to better understand their data, use visualization tools to assess the business through live dashboards and reports, and share reports across the organization. Some of the key features of Power BI are:

Today all business decisions are based on data, and the biggest challenge faced by organizations is to manipulate data to derive meaningful information. To have a deeper and in-depth understanding of data, organizations need to collect various datasets and organize them in different ways to gain a better understanding. Thus, Power BI’s visual representation of the information obtained from these data sets helps organizations to have an edge.
Power BI Desktop
It is free to download tool allowing organizations to create exceptional reports without much technical knowledge by easily accessing data. Users don't require advanced report designing or queries skills to create a report with this powerful tool.
Custom Visualization
Organizations have their way of doing things and functions in a different manner that also applies to visualization. Though, Power BI has its default standard that might not be sufficient due to complex data. Nevertheless, businesses can use a custom library of visualization to design visualization as per their needs.
Import Excel Data
This new feature of Power BI allows users to import data from excel sheets and give them access to more functionality to work with through the use of Power BI.

Why Choose Incentius for Power BI Consulting Service

  • We have an experienced team of Power BI consultants, who deploy secure, comprehensive, and tailored BI solutions offering real-time insights.

  • Our BI consultants design visually stunning and easy-to-understand dashboards to provide complete visibility to business data. 

  • Develop interactive and appealing reports making the best use of the Power BI tool that make data clear and easy-to-understand.

  • Leveraging the modern BI tools, organizations can access reports anywhere and anytime.

  • We offer end-to-end business intelligence solutions using Power BI

  • Our Power BI consultants are efficient in implementing Power BI services both on the cloud and on premise.

  • With the right blend of our expertise and power tools, we deliver an impressive result in business analytics services.