A housekeeping software for hospitality industry comprising of an app for housekeeping staff. The app was used to automate manual tasks like shift scheduling, logging tickets, and capturing attendance. It also comes with visual dashboards for admins to analyze staff performance and housekeeping activities.

Humblx is a next-generation digital housekeeping software for hospitals and large facilities to track their day-to-day housekeeping activities. Housekeeping is still largely driven by paper-based processes for tracking the attendance of employees, allocating and managing tasks, and other operational activities of the housekeeping team. Humblx identified this as an opportunity to assist facility managers and housekeeping staff in managing their daily operations. Their team developed a platform that digitally transformed the operational part of housekeeping processes. Dedicated efforts of over a couple of years yielded results when they managed to sign up one of the biggest hospitals in the country. However, there was a decent level of customization needed to align the housekeeping software offerings with the hospital's needs.

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