TestHelper: Developing a Scalable, User-Centric K-12 Testing Platform for Indian market


Our client, an edtech firm, aimed to develop TestHelper, a comprehensive K-12 testing platform for educators. This platform would assess student performance across various classes and divisions, complete with integrated analytics for monitoring class performance trends and student development. Targeted towards the Indian market, they sought to corner the K-12 Testing segment. However, several challenges existed, such as building a system that could sustain heavy user volume, optimizing for inconsistent network conditions, and ensuring an intuitive and easy-to-use interface for users in Tier-2 and Tier-3 cities. They sought a reliable technical partner to accomplish these goals.

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To meet these objectives, we engaged deeply with the client, analyzed the market and the competitive environment, and studied the target audience. We identified core areas of attention, developed a competitive strategy, and outlined a roadmap for building a reliable, scalable, and user-friendly platform. Considering the ambitious rollout timeline, we placed a strong emphasis on rigorous testing, particularly around the API-front end interaction, to ensure efficient test administration, even in patchy network conditions. In the initial phase, we conducted user research, focusing on the platform’s potential users – teenagers and pre-teens. This research helped us design a user interface and experience that was engaging, easy-to-use, and mobile-optimized, keeping in mind that many users would access the platform via their smartphones. Architecturally, our focus was on scalability and cost-effectiveness. We wanted to create a system that could handle large volumes of users, while keeping costs low for our client. In the final phase, we built and extensively tested the platform across various use cases and usage conditions. This rigorous testing ensured that the platform was robust, reliable, and provided a seamless user experience.
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Post-launch, TestHelper made a significant impact in the Indian edtech market. It captured market share in several key accounts, solidifying the client’s brand in the market. We were able to meet the diverse demands of these accounts, making quick changes and adaptations when needed, helping the client secure their foothold. Key accounts noted and appreciated the attention to low bandwidth scenarios, demonstrating the effectiveness of our approach. This success established a strong presence for our client in their target market, positioning them well for future growth and expansion.
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