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Leverage the 3S (Sleek. Secure. Scale) benefit using MERN development with us. Bespoke solutions developed and delivered to provide an impetus to your growth.

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Shake hands with a team of MERN experts. A team, an extended tech partner, and not just consultants. A team that would provide an impetus to scale your organization the next level. A team that is proud to have played a critical role in client's growth journey. With a history of leveraging the complete potential of MongoDB, Express JS, React JS, and Node JS, this team has helped clients save thousands of dollars worth of effort as well as helped in going to the market in minimal time. The team, i.e. INCENTIUS

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It was a pleasure working with Incentius to build a data collection platform for the off-grid solar sector in India. It is rare to find a team with a good understanding of business as well as great technological know-how. Their technical expertise is much appreciated. We had a fantastic time working with their expert team, especially with Amit.

Viraj Gada

India Regional Representative, GOGLA

Key Attributes

Open Source

There is no requirement of licensing fees. For any business verticals technology stack and libraries can be used for building dynamic apps.


With the help of MERN we can use javascript server as well as client side rendering and also maintaining markup templates to reduce overall development cost.


Hassle-free migration. MongoDB’s NoSQL database offers unmatched performance across the cloud with agile sprints and iteration and expedites app deployment.

MVC Assistance

MERN allows for the smooth and seamless development process which is supported by the MVC ecosystem.


Flexible data model, powerful GUI, and command-line tools help developers to build and evolve applications rapidly.

Javascript Everywhere

Use the power of Javascript on the client and server-side to develop a comprehensive solution.

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