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Go MEAN with us to develop an all efficient and comprehensively architected 3-tiered solution comprising the user interface, application/logic, and database layers. An all Javascript framework for an unprecedented growth of your business.

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Several startups have benefitted by building scalable solutions using MEAN stack. We are proud to have played a critical role in their journey. With a history of leveraging the complete potential of MongoDB, Express.js, Angular JS, and Node.js Incentius has provided the impetus to global success stories. How? MEAN's ability to use the same framework on both; client and server sides has helped startups expedite the development process helping them save dollars as well as going to the market in minimal time.

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It has been a pleasure working with the Incentius team over the last couple of months. The team has been able to wade through the ambiguity of early-stage product development. The expertise that Incentius leadership showed in the early days of product development ensured that our product was on right track. Their team has been very responsive and given the timelines, I am thankful to them for putting in extra hours. I personally look at this team as a partner rather than as a service provider. Look forward to an extended, exciting, and mutually beneficial relationship.

Saket Anand

Head of Digital Micro SME Business, Triti Financial Technologies

Key Attributes

Cross-Platform Compatibility

Use Node.js' ability to work with different servers, operating systems, and multiple applications for performance optimization.

Modern Design

Mobile-first, responsive, intuitive, and interactive front-end interfaces built on Node/Angular/ MongoDB/Express.js

Optimal Cloud Performance

NoSql database enables better cloud integration, and enhanced performance for cloud application development

Reuse The Code

Fewer hiccups in the process as Angular allows you to reuse the code on both; client and server sides.

Javascript Everywhere

Use the power of Javascript on the client and server-side to develop a comprehensive solution

MVC Assistance

Excellent support for MVC architecture coupled with a wide variety of support tools for your business solutions

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