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React is a powerful tool developed and promoted by Facebook and has a massive number of users. It is a JavaScript library that is used for creating web applications and is great for working on web and mobile apps. It is very popular among developers due to its flexibility and easy learning curve.

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Building a react app is simple and easy because React is a flexible library to use that does not adhere to strong architectural principles. Since React is popular technology, businesses might be thinking that it will be easy to hire React developers. However, in reality, it is just the opposite, there are quite a few skilled React developers in the market who have the required skills and expertise to handle the project needs of the businesses. But with Incentius around, businesses need not have to worry to hire React developer, as our company is served by some highly proficient and adept React developers. 

Distinguishing Features of React that make it Ideal for Creating Web or Mobile Apps

The visual library you use to power your web or mobile application plays a significant part. For years, there is a superiority race between React, Angular, and Vue. However, most of the time, the battle is won by React. A few of the advantages of React make it preferred among the companies for creating web or mobile apps. React is chosen by most businesses because of its advantages and valuable features.

Efficient & Flexible

Efficient & Flexible

React is a highly efficient and flexible JavaScript library developed by Facebook engineers used for building simple, secure, and scalable web & mobile applications.
Great User Experience

Great User Experience

User experience is something that makes or breaks an app. React is noted for being more user-friendly from a development angle that utilizes a virtual DOM, thereby making apps updating and testing performance a lot approachable for developers. Businesses prefer React because it prioritizes dynamic experiences.
Writing Components using JSX

Writing Components using JSX

React developers built react components using JSX, which is the basic building block of React applications. With JSX, developers tap into HTML code and make it more dynamic to allow certain elements to interact with component logic and change the user interface.
Reusable Components

Reusable Components

The entire structure of React is component-based. Each component structure can be wrapped in another and another component until it reaches the root component that is the app itself.
Extremely Popular

Extremely Popular

React has gained immense popularity being a stable and mature technology that is going to remain popular for some time. React is the most wanted web framework and second most loved web framework that is used by some highly popular enterprises like Yahoo, Instagram, Airnb, Netflix, and Pinterest.

Hire our React Developers for Creating Secure and Scalable Apps

Our React developers have a sound skillset having a mastery of JavaScript to create exciting user interfaces. They also have experience with popular React frameworks like Redux and Flux, and also know about RESTful APIs. With the mission to maximize the application speed and develop projects in a quick turnaround time using interactive and reusable components, our developers use a Document Object Model approach to break complex UI into simpler components.

Why Hire our React Developers?

There is a great demand among companies to hire top React developers as it is beneficial working on React technology because of the advantages it lends to the react developers.

Sound Knowledge
Sound knowledge of fundamental aspects like virtual DOM, component lifecycle, component state, etc.
Tools Expertise
Also have experience and expertise working with popular FE tools like Babel, Webpack, and NPM.
Extensive Experience
Hold extensive experience with state management libraries like MobX, Redux, or others.
Programming Paradigms Expert
Good knowledge of JavaScript and functional programming paradigms like proficiency in writing functional code compared to imperative code.
Highly Competent
Competent in full mobile app development lifecycles like releasing to the app stores and continuous integration.

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