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Incentius is a dominant Node.js development company with an equal focus on web and mobile app development. Our highly experienced and talented Node.js developers efficiently create highly customizable and scalable applications that are sure to meet and exceed your expectations. The web development process is entirely different today with the rising popularity of JavaScript. With JavaScript running on the server and in the browser, a lot can be done on the web.Node.js shines in real-time web applications allowing web apps with real-time, two-way connections, where communication can be initiated by both the client and server facilitating freely exchange of data. The Node.js technology enjoyed a powerful backing of big corporates like Google, IBM, Intel, PayPal, and Microsoft. Thus, organizations who want to create web servers and networking tools using this open-source and cross-platform technology can consult us. 

Why Choose Node.js Web Development for your Business?

Businesses that are looking to indulge in the real-time application and cross-platform runtime environment should opt for our Node.js development services, as the support of JavaScript makes it easier for developers to carry out web app development with plenty of cool features available. In recent times Node.js has become an ideal choice for web development companies. Find below many more reasons why businesses should choose Node.js web development for their businesses:

  • It is an extensible technology that is easily customized according to business and project requirements.
  • Node.js is loaded with V8 engines so it quickly compiles JavaScript into a native machine code, thereby speeding up any framework. Thus, businesses today prefer to hire dedicated Node.js developers to create fast and flexible network apps that are capable of handling multiple parallel connections.
  • It is a full-stack JavaScript that serves the client as well as server-side applications.
  • Node.js turns out to be the more cost-effective alternative for businesses requiring a tailored solution with several cool features. Node.js web development requires less computing power for hosting them.
  • Node.js considerably enhances the development project’s output in terms of its features and libraries that allow developers to seamlessly write code and make use of one scripting language for both client and server sides.
  • Developers who want to ease their real-time app development like gaming applications can make use of Node.js. A real-time web app is ideal for Web apps that require a non-blocking and event-based server that is efficiently catered by Node.js.

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Node.js Uses

Node.js is a robust platform developing lightweight and swift web-based or mobile applications, and our experienced Node.js developer’s team build highly scalable and customizable applications meeting the exact requirement of clients. We being a leading Node.js app development company have hands-on experience in developing feature-rich Node.js solutions for our worldwide clients. Incentius is a highly acknowledged Node.js development company catering to the web app development needs of businesses. Our tailor-made, professional, and enterprise-grade Node.js web app development services include:

Custom Node.js Development
We with our years of experience and expertise create secure, scalable, feature-rich, and mobile-friendly Node.js apps that are custom designed exactly as per your business requirements.
API Development & Integration
We are well capable of creating result-oriented, high-performing, and scalable enterprise-oriented API development services that are created keeping in mind the specific needs of the business.
UI/UX Development
Our expert team of designers and developers creates highly attractive and visually pleasing UI/UX development services exactly as per the latest designing trends.
Plugin Development
Enhance your website capabilities, as our Node.js developers will create the feature-rich custom plugin that will be highly compatible.
Chat Apps
Chat apps have become an integral part of websites and businesses looking to create a real-time chat app can get in touch with us. Our skilled and experienced developers are highly proficient in creating high traffic fully-functional chat apps.

Why Us

With so many Node.js development companies around, businesses might be thinking that why to select Incentius for the service. Find below some of the reason to choose Node.js development services from this leading company:

  • We are backed by expert Node.js developers to offer the best in domain development solutions.
  • Our team of Node.js developers is highly experienced and holds great expertise in Node.js web development.
  • We create robust web applications with great features using a host of Node.js development services.
  • At Incentius, we are served by a highly efficient and qualified team of Node.js developers and programmers rendering the best solution for the businesses at an honest price.
  • Our tech-savvy Node.js developers create innovative and result-oriented applications through the agile-based methodology.

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