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MEAN stands for MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, and Node.js. It is a highly efficient JavaScript framework used for the next level of web development. Businesses looking to create a strong digital presence can deploy MEAN Stack for their web development. It can be deployed in any industry to create a custom web solution suiting their exact requirements. Businesses can hire MEAN Stack developers from Incentius to get precise industry-specific web applications built in quick time.

Why is MEAN Stack best?

Web application processes were earlier restricted to front-end and back-end coding that was done using different units before the arrival of MEAN Stack. However, with MEAN Stack developers can make use of the same set of technologies to code from the back end to the front end in scalable, lightweight JavaScript-based architecture. 

Features that make MEAN Stack a Preferred Choice of Developers

MEAN Stack is never out-of-demand, as applications based on MEAN Stack are fast, robust, and easy-to-maintain and hence is a preferred option for developers to create engaging and dynamic websites. Some of the features of MEAN Stack that make it ideal for web and mobile app development:

Cost Effective

Cost Effective

MEAN Stack developer handles all the backend and front-end programming tasks, creating apps with MEAN Stack is affordable and cost-effective. A limited number of MEAN Stack developers are enough to handle the app development process from start to end, thereby reducing the cost of app development. Besides the app deployment cost for an app developed using MEAN Stack is also cheaper because components are free and can run on any server.
Use of a Single Language

Use of a Single Language

MEAN Stack is preferred over others because of the use of single language throughout the app development process for both client-side and server-side coding. The use of a single language is a major advantage offered by MEAN Stack, as JavaScript language runs on every tier of the application. It further makes the web and app development process highly efficient and modern.


MEAN Stack is extremely flexible as app developers can easily develop, test, and introduce the app without any hassles. The app can be easily tested on a cloud platform. MEAN Stack also allows developers to include additional information even after they have included a field in the form. Full cluster support and automatic replication are provided by MongoDB.
High Speed and Reusability

High Speed and Reusability

Node.js comes with high-speed features and due to its non-blocking architecture, it makes MEAN Stack web development faster and reusable. In addition to this even use of Angular JS, an open-source JavaScript framework facilitates reusability, testability, and maintenance.
Saves Time

Saves Time

Developers who have to create an app in stipulated time can choose MEAN Stack because it has an infinite set of module libraries for Node.js that is ready to use. MEAN Stack also comes with an automated testing feature that activates when a specific link is broken. Thus, it saves a considerable amount of time for both developers and clients.

Obtain MEAN Stack Development Services from Incentius

Incentius is a reckoned name offering end-to-end MEAN Stack development services right from designing and development to testing using the best technologies. Our leading MEAN Stack developers offer top-notch solutions to various SMEs to large enterprises and have successfully offered innumerable web and mobile solutions to clients of diverse industries.

Why Hire MEAN Stack Developers from Incentius?

Hire our MEAN Stack developers to create the best UI along with a secured backend, as our developers are skilled in all 4 technologies i.e., MongoDB, Express.js, Angular, Node.JS, and are proficient in creating a highly reliable and secure platform. Organizations can hire our knowledgeable MEAN Stack developers who follow the latest DevOps and technical architecture to develop the best quality software solutions. Some of the other reasons that make us a preferred name for MEAN Stack development include:

  • Strict adherence to Quality & Security
  • Good understanding of Clients’ Needs
  • Creative & Motivated MEAN Stack developers Team
  • Result-driven Approach
  • Round-the-clock Support
  • Flexible hiring option
  • 100% Client Satisfaction

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