Traits to Look for while Hiring Laravel Developer for Your Next Project Marketing July 16, 2021

With around 500,000 live websites using the Laravel framework, it is no surprise that this web framework is widely used and trusted by developers for its simple and expressive syntax. Laravel is a PHP-based web-development framework that is based on the model-view-controller architecture. Businesses looking to make the best use of the Laravel framework will need to hire a proficient Laravel developer for optimum results. However, hiring competent and adept Laravel developers is not an easy task. Businesses first need to have clarity about their requirements and be aware of their target for their project. Businesses also need to set a budget and should be clear that whether they wish to hire Laravel developers for web development, app development, improve an existing website, or planning the addition of a few products.  

Qualities that Businesses should look for while Hiring a Laravel Developer

Knowledge of Languages and Latest Web Technologies – Sound knowledge and experience with languages like CSS, JavaScript, and HTML along with hands-on experience of web development is vital for a proficient Laravel developer. It helps the developer to easily comprehend the architecture. A developer possessing these qualities will be ideal to hire for the companies. Laravel developers must also be familiar with web development and database concepts, as they extensively work on web applications, right from configuring the backend according to the frontend to structuring the database storage.    

Expert in Object-Oriented Programming, API Services, and MVC – Laravel developers need expertise in working with API services such as REST and SOAP and a good understanding of model-view-controller architecture. Besides, adept and skilled Laravel developers also have experience with object-oriented modeling and design that help them to simulate solutions for real-world problems.

Hands-on Experience with Server Tools – Hiring Laravel developers having sound knowledge of server tools like Nginx, Apache, and PHP-FPM will be an advantage because Laravel being a PHP-based framework requires developers to know server tools. Laravel developers knowing cloud computing is also an advantage because companies are moving towards cloud-based deployment.

Knowledge of Database and Query Optimization – While hiring Laravel developers, companies must ensure that developers have working experience with NoSQL databases like MongoDB and DynamoDB. Developers having expertise in SQL databases like MySQL, PostgreSQL will be an added advantage for the companies. Databases are extensively used by websites for handling queries, storing credentials, and query inputs, so developers having hands-on experience with designing and optimizing databases will be extremely beneficial for the companies. Additionally, while hiring Laravel developers companies should also ensure that developers have an understanding of data abstraction concepts and implementation to maintain the privacy of the data.