Advantages of using React for my frontend development? Marketing April 2, 2021


Meaning of React.js

React.js or React is a front-end developer library. It is an open-source JavaScript library. Generally, we use React to build user interfaces or single-page applications. React was developed by Jordan Walker and launched in 2013. The main motive of Reacts’ creation is to make the Frontends. It is an MIT-licensed Library that is readily available to everyone. JSX is the syntax extension of JavaScript that React uses. React is easy and simple to read and write. React brought a revolution after its launch. It is so handy and useful for developers. Frontends are the side of an application that the final user sees or utilizes. That’s why the front end should be creative and user-friendly.

Before React, we only have two ways to create a front – HTML and CSS. But both of them are slow and basic. Then React was introduced, which brought a revolution. Its features are unique and efficient. Virtual DOM and reusable components are the most fascinating features of React. React provides your frontend scalability and flexibility too. React is flexible, you can customize it as per your need. React supports an amazing developer’s toolkit. These toolkits have every feature to make the developer’s work easy and fast. It is to note that React is not a framework. It is a JavaScript library that was developed by Facebook.

Using React is an amazing library for front-end development. You can create amazing templates, graphics, and animations by using React. An app built by React performs on both platforms, Android as well as IOS.

Advantages of using React for Frontend Development

There are several benefits of using React for front-end development. You have access to amazing toolkits and features. Reusable components will make the developer’s work simple and easy. Its Virtual DOM is a blessing for developers. Let us check out some of its advantages in a little detail.


1. Reusable Components 

A major advantage of using React is it allows code and components reusability at any time. This will save developers time and effort. This is very useful when you have to build a complex app. As you don’t have to write the whole coding again. The concept of Reusable components differentiates React from others. For example- If you are making an application like Instagram. Status updates, profile feeds, and photos are the components. A status update has some further components. Like, share, like, or comment. These components, once developed, can be used frequently. This will save time and speed up the development process.

2. Virtual DOM 

VDOM stands for Virtual Documentation Object Model. React uses Virtual DOM to change the data and then updates the browser. React scan the DOM to identify the changes and update the selective section only. This ensures less loading time and faster development. It is a javascript object and lightweight. Its Virtual DOM gives websites and apps a great performance benefit. Virtual DOM updates only the selected ones, not all the objects. DOM enhances its performance speed a lot.

3. Easy Learning Curve

One of the reasons for choosing React is that it is easier to learn and install. If you are familiar with JavaScript, it is easy to grasp React. It holds an easy learning curve. Also, many online tutorials and books are available for easy understanding. It is a very simple library with not-so-complex tools. If it is hard to learn technology or framework, it will take more time for the development process. But React is easy to learn and takes less time. That’s why businesses and big brands are more inclined toward React.js.

4. Developers Toolset

React comes with a useful developers’ toolkit. Developers can find various in-built customizable charts, graphics, animations, or documentation tools. These components allow us to build an app with lesser time. These tools are very helpful for newbies. It has two toolsets-

  • React Developer tools – This is great for observing current props and state
  • Redux Developer tools – These tools will help us to observe dispatched actions and current store states. Also, it provides tools to record and check the past state of an application.

5. One-way Binding

It uses a one-way direction flow that is downwards. In this structure, any change in the child element cannot affect the parent element in any way. This will help us to achieve code stability. React ensures that we can work directly with components. You can also use data binding to change child elements without affecting the parent one. It binds data sources from the provider and consumer together and synchronizes them together. One-way binding reflects any change in components logic that gets reflected inside the UI.

6. Faster Development

Its performance makes it better than any other library or framework. The reason behind this is its Virtual DOM. It leads to smoother and faster development. It increases the productivity of the developers. With its reusable components and development tools also. You can quickly develop an app by using React. 

7. Scalability and Flexibility 

React makes an app flexible and scalable. Scalability means that unlimited users can log in to a web application without any issue. Its components are flexible and customizable. That’s why developers can handle it easily and as per their needs.


The bottom line is that React is perfect for front-end development. You can rely on React, and it is worth using. React is cheaper than other libraries and frameworks. This is beneficial for startups that don’t have much investment. They can use their money for some other purpose. We can use it for every type of project, whether it is small, medium, or large. It is a robust UI library that can handle every project. That’s why companies prefer to use React for their long-term business goals. Also, React has big community support. It is backed by Facebook and its communities. Many successful companies use React for their projects. Facebook, Netflix, Uber, Instagram, Amazon, and Pinterest are some of them. 

I hope you will get to know about its benefits and this article is helpful for you all. Feel free to reach out at Incentius.


Do I have to use React for my front-end? Marketing March 30, 2021


There are many front-end technologies available in this web development era, but some are taking over the whole market at current times. Among these front-end technologies, React is one such front-end technology that has been used by almost every company. But why is React the best? Can we use it for creating the front end? Well, here you can get answers to all queries.


React.JS React or ReactJS is an open-source library. It will help us to create the front end of a web application. It was developed by Jordan Walker for Facebook in 2013. It can be used as a foundation for building single-page applications or mobile applications. It is a JavaScript library to develop user interfaces. It is an MIT-licensed library backed by Facebook and its communities. It is one of the best JavaScript libraries for front-end development. Nowadays, it is necessary to create an appealing user interface, which makes React.js more useful in this web development era. React.js has several amazing features that make developers’ work easier. It supports reusable coding and virtual DOM

Before React.js, we have only two options for front-end development – HTML and CSS. These two were ruling the front end and were quite basic. But one of the JavaScript libraries called React brings a revolution with its introduction. Its DOM enables developers to install Server-Side Rendering (SSR) without updating the whole view every time. React has come up with a unique feature after every update. Thus, this fascinates developers a lot to work on React, which led to the growth of React’s community increasing rapidly. React is efficient, fast, and scalable to build the front end. So let’s move on to knowing more about this JavaScript Library.

Contribution of React.js in web development

ReactJS brings a revolution in web development with its features and React is like a dream library for any developer. It has everything which a developer needs. It enables developers to create a dynamic web application with amazing speed. Initially, it was used to render views in applications, and it even allows developers to build reusable components that save their time and effort. Its Virtual DOM ensures the UI updates quickly and efficiently. Also, it gives us the benefit of SPA (Single-Page Application) to a social networking app, which helps to improve the app’s performance.

After a lot of struggle with HTML and CSS, we finally got a library that works speedily, navigates quickly, and consumes less time. Also, it doesn’t bind developers with any pattern like MVC, MVP, or MVVM. It allows them to make an app in the way he wants. They are free to make any changes and update the application accordingly. It is well-established with an ecosystem full of developers’ tools. Developers can find many ready-made charts, graphics, and other customizable tools which help developers to make an app in less amount of time. React uses JSX syntax extension of regular Javascript, which makes React easy to learn and write. 

Is it good to use React.js for front-end development?

You must go ahead with the idea of using React for front-end development. It can create amazing graphics, templates, and animations with React. It is worth using. React’s main motive is to build the user interface. Let’s now understand some benefits of using React.