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It has been a pleasure working with the Incentius team over the last couple of months. The team has been able to wade through the ambiguity of early-stage product development. The expertise that Incentius leadership showed in the early days of product development ensured that our product was on right track. Their team has been very responsive and given the timelines, I am thankful to them for putting in extra hours. I personally look at this team as a partner rather than as a service provider. Look forward to an extended, exciting, and mutually beneficial relationship.

Saket Anand

Head of Digital Micro SME Business, Triti Financial Technologies

Key Features


Reduces fraud and unlawful behavior by creating a record that cannot be changed and is encrypted end-to-end.


Transactions and data are recorded consistently across all locations, and all users on the network have access to them.


Establishes an audit trail that records an asset’s origins at every stage.


No one entity has control over the network, all the nodes must reach a consensus to make a decision

Lower Costs

Eliminates the requirement for any vendor charges because it lacks an inherited centralized player.

Speed and Efficiency

With "smart contracts," transactions can be automated, increasing speed and efficiency.

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