Incentius renders Powerful BI Solutions to Help Businesses Make High-Grade and Quick Decisions

Organizations today need to have quick access to their operational performance information and to meet the growing data analysis requirements of their enterprises they require multiple BI tools. Business intelligence service is significant for every organization that empowers daily reporting and insights sharing. This is the time when Incentius business intelligence services will help them to foray into a data-driven world and modernize their existing business analytics systems and infrastructure. Our BI experts will help organizations extract insights from the data and turn it into valuable information.

Why Choose Incentius for your BI Needs?

Organizations need reliable data analysis and reporting for quick and consistent growth and to achieve this they require delivery and support from an experienced and trained partner. We, at Incentius, are served by a highly adept and competent team of BI consultants who hold immense expertise in rendering end-to-end solutions for diverse aspects of business intelligence and our consultants offer BI solutions to cater to the specific needs of the organizations.  

  • Our clients enjoy complete project visibility along with several levels of communication right from the beginning. We consistently update our clients regarding their project's status.
  • We render the latest BI services using a combination of business analytics, data visualization, data mining, and industry best practices to provide clients with a comprehensive view of their organization's data.
  • We strictly adhere to timeliness and provide first analytical insights in 1-5 days and provide a functioning BI solution with the essential functionality in one month.

Business Intelligence Expertise of Incentius

We, at Incentius, help organizations extract knowledge from their data, integrate it into ETL and EDW, and turn it into daily insights with interactive dashboards by using tools like Power BI, Tableau, or Looker. Incentius renders end-to-end business intelligence solutions leveraging collaborative & iterative methodologies and project management to offer BI consulting, implementation, and support services. We offer the following BI services to our clients:

BI Consulting

Our BI consulting services help organizations optimize business intelligence systems, and right from data warehousing and analysis to reporting and visualization, our BI consultants are adept in managing and delivering client's every engagement. We help clients retrieve actionable insights out of their raw data to speed up their decision-making and enhance business performance. Our BI consultants play a crucial role in implementing or revamping client's BI solutions.

BI Implementation

Our BI implementation comprises designing, developing, and deploying a BI solution to integrate, process, and analyze historical and real-time data that further support organizations in decision-making at strategic and operational levels. Our BI implementation experts with their extensive expertise are known to implement an open-source business intelligence solution and deliver a system that caters to client's business and decision-making needs.

BI Support and Evolution

Our BI experts are highly competent professionals rendering full development support and evolution services, as of right from troubleshooting on the code level to adding new data sources and creating new reports, to administration support to Power BI support services. We provide 24x7 services for BI support and evolution services, ranging from reporting cycle on-call services to dedicated end-to-end onsite support and render a quick response to all our clients.

Obtain BI Services from Incentius

Incentius has the right skills-sets and experience to ensure that our client's business intelligence initiative will move ahead in the right direction with the use of technologies like Looker, Pentaho, Hadoop, and MongoDB. With extensive experience in data analytics, our end-to-end analytics service is backed by leading cloud services, AWS and Azure. We efficiently handle all data analytics elements, right from data storage to custom reports and dashboards.

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Benefits of BI Solutions in Business

A Business Intelligence solution is beneficial for any small, mid, or large enterprises, as it helps them make more informed decisions based on intuitive data analysis. Better analytics prove beneficial even for small companies who don't collect a vast volume of data, as they can also derive significant benefits from it.

Gain revenue

Gain revenue

Businesses by collecting, analyzing, and structuring information about their clients and business partners can make changes in their strategy exactly as per the market needs that will further reward them with more profits.
Derive knowledge from the data

Derive knowledge from the data

Organizations with the help of effective data visualization and informative reporting can derive valuable knowledge from business operations, thereby having a better understanding of the customers' needs and expectations.
Businesses can create an effective business model

Businesses can create an effective business model

Business Intelligence solutions will allow organizations to effectively use their company's data to have clarity on where to invest in infrastructure that will help them improve their business model.
Increased User Satisfaction

Increased User Satisfaction

Organizations with the help of BI solutions have easy and quick access to their consumer insights and can know about the need of their consumers. This helps them to cater to their consumers with better solutions, thereby resulting in increased user satisfaction. For example, e-commerce companies can make use of BI to improve their return process to enhance their customers' experiences.

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