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IC Implementation

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IC Implementation

Incentius offers a very comprehensive approach towards technical implementation of sales compensation programs across industries. Incentius team has experience working across several industry standard solutions, excel as well as ETL platforms to implement sales compensation programs, associated analytics as well as ongoing operations as per client needs. Incentius team works with the client to identify appropriate ETL platform or uses the client’s internal licensed tools to help accomplish the successful management of sales incentive programs.

Incentius comprehensive approach begins with the immersion phase which involves defining the project team and the plan. Then the current systems landscape has to be understood in order to ensure that everything moves smoothly in the present and the future.


Interview key stakeholders and understand pain points
Designing the quality assurance framework and addressing the quality control processes and checks


Defining data architecture is a critical part of implementation, as well, and Incentius offers your organization the ability to do that more easily. Additionally, you will be able to:

Design and implement data transformation specifications
Define design conventions

Design, Development and Customization

After implementation, the next step is design, development and customization of scorecards and other summary reports to get the information required for salesforce to succeed and for you to take appropriate decisions. The report association and distribution process can then be further designed and implemented in a way that needs your company's needs, and you can even load and validate implementation and reports using sample data. By creating detailed test cases and performing unit testing, you can see what possible scenarios exist and determine how you want those scenarios handled.

Testing and rollout is the final step, and in order to make sure everything is working correctly you'll want to execute end-to-end system testing. Incentius conducts exhaustive unit testing in-house during implementation and involves client in this phase to align again on the final set of requirements and take sign-off:

Conduct user training


You can benefit from Incentius years of experience with implementation of high value IC projects on various platforms. You'll also get the benefit of:

Strong business and functional knowledge