Engagement Model

We differentiate ourselves by our technology and business expertise. We work on precise 3 step process of


Delivery Model

Incentius' unique model is designed to provide high quality, performance driven results for your business at relatively lower costs with strong project governance markers. We believe in building scalable solutions to support repetitive client needs with minimal customization. Our solutions are inbuilt with a robust quality assurance framework.

Resource Strategy

We hire highly motivated and dedicated individuals from "best-in-class" schools and invest in their professional development. We have designed a rigorous professional development program which has been instituted to continually expand our analysts' knowledge, upgrade their skills and improve their ability to deliver.

Training is given to enhance their skills and productivity in areas such as analysis design, basic statistics and analytics, & tools development while following project management best practices. All our Analysts are required to go through this training program enabling us to deliver a consistent approach while building a foundation of desired skillsets which helps us in successful execution and delivery.

These resources are then dedicated to specific clients which ensures continuity over time. This model helps the individual to learn and become an expert at business and process knowledge specific to the client's domain.

Technology Strategy

Incentius is committed to pushing the technology frontier in tools and techniques used for various areas of analytics and operations.

Our advisory team is always looking for ways to learn evolving technologies and apply standard tools from other practice areas to sales analytics including machine learning techniques, predictive modelling, etc. This helps your company gain key technology skills despite your busy operating schedules.

Experienced Advisors

Incentius' founders have more than 20+ years of experience amongst themselves in delivering various sales analytics, operations and technology projects. They form part of an in-house advisory team that provides key business and industry insights to all of our analysts to discharge of their duties successfully.

This is a unique value add that is accrued to clients from our delivery model. As a result, our services include experience and industry knowledge in addition to excellent resources.