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Contract experienced VueJs developers with advanced skills including state management patterns, reusable component creation, advanced data visualizations and representations. Integrate several third party libraries in your Vue app for graphs, calendars, data display, maps and geospatial overlays, etc. Optimize your app for excellent lighthouse performance and even enable server side rendered VueJs applications. Static site generation, CDN based deployment, CI/CD pipelines for your Vue app we have experience with it all.

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7+ years
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4+ years
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It has been a pleasure working with the Incentius team over the last couple of months. The team has been able to wade through the ambiguity of early-stage product development. The expertise that Incentius leadership showed in the early days of product development ensured that our product was on right track. Their team has been very responsive and given the timelines, I am thankful to them for putting in extra hours. I personally look at this team as a partner rather than as a service provider. Look forward to an extended, exciting, and mutually beneficial relationship.

Saket Anand

Head of Digital Micro SME Business, Triti Financial Technologies

Key Features

Reusable Components

Componentized design to ensure reusability in code and maintain best practices in Vue

Vuex State Management

Advanced state management patterns experience involving vuex actions, mutations and commits

Complex build patterns

Maintain complex webpack build patterns including inlining, custom loaders, etc.

Modern design

Mobile-first, responsive, intuitive, and interactive front-end interfaces built on Vue/Angular/React

Full stack development

Integrate business logic through a variety of backend middleware, databases, search engines, APIs, job queues, etc.

Deep cloud expertise

Cost-efficient deployments using cloud-native services (databases, search engines, etc.) on AWS, Azure or GCP

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